Cocobolo wood-min

Frank and Cocobolo OO-min

Frank and Mahogany OM-min

Frank carving braces-min

Frank and Maple OO-min

Frank snd Mahogany OM 2-min



LJ Back Rosewood-min

LJ Back Mahogany-min

Inlay and Rosette OM-min

Harmony Bracing-min

Harmony Braces-min


Headstock pin-up girl-min

Harmony Archtop Renaissance-min

Harmony 2-min

Headstock Compass-min

Headstock and Inlay-min

Gibson Renaissance-min

LJ Front Mahogany-min

Maple OO-min

New Harbor Guitar-2-min

OO back-min

OO Front-min

Mahogany LJ-min

LJ Profile Rosewood-min

LJ front-min

OO Profile-min

Maine Maple-min

Rosette detail-min

Maple OM back-min

Rosewood back OM -min

Maple OM Profile-min

Sorrento inlay-min

Sorrento inlay in Sorrento-min

Silvan Trees inlay and board-min

Silvan Logo and Rosette-min

Silvan Logo and Rosette closer-min

Rosewood OM-min

Rosewood OM Profile-min

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