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Custom Guitar Models

At Silvan guitars, we customize your guitar not only in look but in function and sound as well. Please take a look below at some of the advantages offered by different body shapes. We want your guitar to look and sound exactly like you.

Custom Electrics

Custom Electrics are the workhorse guitars of Silvan Guitars.

Each model boasts full tonal customization with a focus on ergonomics and playability. Options range from historic, 600-year-old woods in vintage shapes to cutting edge custom designs and modern, eye-catching woods and finish.

Each guitar is built with expertise, care and intentionality.

Custom Acoustics

Custom Acoustics is the shining line of Silvan Guitars.

A Silvan staple since day one, our custom acoustics line is where you will really hear and feel the difference from other guitars on the market.

This line offers the most customization, from body shape, tonewood selection, to decorative inlay and fingerboard selections to make sure your guitar sounds and feels like you.


Guitars built between the 20’s and the 60’s by Harmony, Silvertone, Kay, or sometimes Gibson were built cheaply with ladder bracing, flat necks, and low-end hardware.  However, the wood available at that time was a higher quality than most of the woods used in guitar making today.

When we Renaissance one of these models we rebrace the inside like our customs by removing the back, then resetting the neck to the proper angle. Next, the fingerboard is replaned and refretted and a new bridge is made to match.

The resulting guitar is an older, weathered-looking instrument that plays and sounds like a brand new high-end guitar at a much more reasonable price.

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