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Custom Electric Guitar Models

At Silvan guitars, we customize your guitar not only in look but in function and sound as well. Please take a look below at some of the advantages offered by different body shapes. We want your guitar to look and sound exactly like you.


Teleporter guitar made from longleaf pine sunken in the Chattahoochee for 150 years. The Damcaster design pays homage to the rebirth of the Chattahoochee, as each custom guitar is built with appreciation from this historic treasure. The Damcaster is a beautiful work of art and a piece of history. Resonant and harmonically rich guitar.

Click the link below to learn the detailed history of this one-of-kind guitar!


The classic electric design — the teleporter is perhaps our most customizable model that is intentionally designed for performance and aesthetic.


This electric model specifically built from wood resourced and repurposed from old mills and beams in Columbus Georgia. When you purchase a Millcaster you choose a piece of history. There is no limit to customization with this guitar.


This tuned-down model sonically sits between a bass and a guitar. The mid-century-inspired design keeps it sleek and aesthetically pleasing. The rich tone is perfect for tracking in groups with multiple guitar players as it fits in its own niche. Comes standard with custom P90s.


The Springer is a light-weight, low-action design that plays like a Paul Reed Smith but has a symmetric and timeless design that is all it’s own.

The two-tone wood body and headstock can be customized to feature any number of combinations of pine, mahogany, maple, koa, redwood, rosewood, ziricote, and an assortment of other excellent tonewoods.

And, while the Springer comes standard with custom-built McNelly humbuckers, buyers can also choose P90s for a slightly cleaner sound.

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