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Custom Acoustic Guitar Models

At Silvan guitars, we customize your guitar not only in look but in function and sound as well. Please take a look below at some of the advantages offered by different body shapes. We want your guitar to look and sound exactly like you.


Our smallest body shape, the Parlor model, emphasizes comfort and tone quality over volume while still delivering a well-balanced sound.


Our OO model is based on a traditional Gibson shape. We believe players should play the guitar that’s the most comfortable to play while still delivering the tone they are accustomed to from larger-bodied instruments. Our OO is the pinnacle of that design and gives the player exceptional control and comfort with surprising volume and depth.


The OM is the most versatile body shape we make. Its medium size makes it comfortable to play while still being able to deliver a wide range of tone depending on the tonewoods. An OM mixes well, is great for chording, flat-picking, or lead work.


The “Little Jumbo” model is our largest acoustic model so far. While not as big as a Jumbo or Dreadnought, the LJ gives players that same tone quality and full, rich sound expected from a large-bodied guitar. The LJ is sized like an OM with a larger lower bout, it’s very similar in shape to a Taylor Grand Auditorium.


The Silvan homage to the traditional nylon string guitar, our classical guitar incorporates modern building techniques along with the traditional nylon-string feature. Extra time and attention are dedicated to each individual piece to ensure balance, clarity and volume to compete with other high-end classical guitars on the market.

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